Introducing SLOTNET and the NIPPLING TOOL: Transforming Offshore Heavy Lift Operations Developed to ensure that our customers can maintain production in wells located near lifting operations, SLOTNET, together with our NIPPLING TOOL, secures heavy loads and protects nearby areas and wellheads safely and effectively. SLOTNET has been rigorously tested onboard numerous oil and gas installations over several years, proving its reliability. We are confident that SLOTNET will significantly enhance the security and efficiency of our customers' operations.


The Advantages of SLOTNET

SLOTNET is a highly effective solution for improving overall efficiency and safety. The value of SLOTNET is even greater in fields with high levels of calcium carbonate.

In calcium-rich reservoirs, production can be complicated by deposits that clog equipment and reduce extraction efficiency. Calcium carbonate will lead to more frequent heavy lift operations and significant challenges at wellheads. This is where SLOTNET truly make a difference.

Key Benefits of SLOTNET:

Reduced Production Efficiency: SLOTNET ensures that production on nearby wellheads can continue during workover operations.

Damage to Production Equipment: SLOTNET isolates the area completely while heavy lift operations are ongoing, preventing damage.

Increased Operational Costs: SLOTNET’s unique characteristics help lower operational costs.

Downtime: SLOTNET reduces downtime on wells during workover operations.

Pendulum Forces: SLOTNET ensures that pendulum movements do not cause any potential damage.

SLOTNET is fully optimized and unique to each platform and can be operated across multiple decks, making it a versatile and essential tool for offshore operations.

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